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    Baltic European Deli is a cute store in a Polish neighborhood of South Boston. The shop is packed full of a huge selection of imported and prepared foods including a deli, bakery, frozen prepared foods, and other grocery items.


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    Baltic deli is delicious. The many choices of deli items to choose from makes this a deli utopia. Super good service and nice counter help.


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    Baltic European Deli has a great supply of Eastern European groceries.. picked up some homemade pierogi, fresh kielbasa, apple coffee cake, and hard-to-find apricot wine... the selection of marzipan is great, too.


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If you get nothing else at Baltic Deli, get yourself a bag of krówki (pronounced kroof-kee). It's Polish milk fudge. POLISH MILK FUDGE, GUYS! It's like a less sweet dulce de leche. Sooooo good. That, and a big jar of pickled herring.


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After neither Bazaar's Russian-style pierogi's nor Wegmans American imperialist ones made the cut, I decided it was finally time to schlep down to Dorchester and give Baltic a whirl. They sell their own house-made pierogis in Market Basket ziploc bags, it felt more like I had gotten a thank you from a neighbor, and that kraut and mushroom mix was no joke.


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Babka was amazing, kids dug the cookies, and I regretted not picking up some frozen goods to carry back. If I'm back in Boston again, I will certainly ensure I pick up some stuff next time!


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I keep going back for the homemade frozen pierogi. Before coming to Baltic my pierogi knowledge was minimal... The potato & cheese pierogis are amazing. They fry up in seconds in the pan and are delicious.


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Party Platters and Catering

  • Party Platters and Catering

    Planning a party or having a party? Let Baltic European Deli prepare delicious and beautifully arranged and decorated cold cut or sandwich platters which come with a fine selection of sides and garnishes such as Polish dill pickles, marinated peppers and mushrooms or everyone's favorite Kosciuszko brand mustard. We use only the finest cold cuts, kielbasy and cheese for our deli platters and sandwiches.

    Looking for something sweet? Our Polish pastry trays include traditional favorites such as apple strudel, babka bread and homemade cookies.

    Hot foods such as pierogis, stuffed cabbage or grilled kielbasa with kraut are also available through our sister location Café Polonia just across the street.

    Call us at 617-268-2435 for a quote. You'll be glad you did... and so will your guests!

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Where to find us

The Baltic European Deli is your one stop shop for Polish and Eastern European foods in Boston! Featuring baked goods, cold cuts and kielbasy, imported groceries, dairy and a selection of beer you won't find anywhere else in the city!

Open 7 days a week

Mon-Tue 9am – 8pm
Wed-Fri 8:30am – 8pm
Sat 8am - 8pm
Sun 8am – 4pm

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632 Dorchester Ave.

Boston, MA 02127

We are located 100 yards south of Andrew Square across the street from Our Lady of Czestochowa church

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